High Expectations - doing the right thing

  • When you make your booking with us a contract is formed between us and we are obliged to set out the conditions of that agreement.
  • Your expectations of us should be high, and we will always aim to meet and exceed them. If things go wrong for any reason our team will always try to make good decisions and work hard to put things right quickly.
  • We trust that you will be reasonable, honest and fair, and you can be assured that we will be too.


  • Your booking will be confirmed by email.
  • Payment is regarded as acceptance of our booking conditions.
  • We accept payment by credit, or debit card and childcare vouchers. We don't accept American Express.
  • Bookings can be made online, or over the telephone.
  • There is a £3.00 discount for online bookings.
  • Lunch is not provided so you must supply your child with a packed lunch and snacks, and a refillable drinks bottle for water. 

 Changing your Booking

  • If you give us 21 or more days' notice you will be able to change your dates within the same holiday season, subject to availability, free of charge.
  • If you purchased a discounted weekly five-day pass, and want to split up the days across different weeks, your booking will be recalculated using the standard daily rate, which will result in an additional charge.
  • Because a five-day weekly pass is a discounted price, if you wish to cancel a day(s) within a week, your booking fee will be recalculated at the daily rate which will result in an additional charge.
  • Responsibility for all booking details lies with you when completing the booking. Where possible we will make changes to your dates, subject to availability.

Changes to Camp Passes

  • To change a booking on our camps made with a 10, or 20, 40, 50-day pass or Season Ticket you must provide seven days’ notice in order to receive the day back in credit onto the pass.
  • All passes from the 10-day passes upwards can be used by siblings.
  • Bookings must be paid for in full for holiday camps. We cannot offer reductions for any sessions missed due to holidays or other activities.
  • If you've purchased a full week at the weekly discounted price, and wish to split up the days across different weeks, your booking will then be recalculated using the standard daily rate, which may result in an additional charge.

Cancelling your Booking

  • You may cancel for up to four weeks in advance of the starting date of your camp in order to receive a refund minus a 10% administrative charge. 
  • Any cancellations after this four-week period will result in no refunds, and your payment being held as a credit on your account with us.
  • If you have paid by Childcare vouchers we will hold your credit on account.
  • Any cancellations on the day due to illness or injury will not result in a refund or credit.
  • If one child on the booking needs to cancel due to illness or injury, then you are also entitled to a credit for any other siblings on the booking.

Changes to Camp Passes

  • To change a booking on our camps made with a 10 ,or 20, 40, 50 day pass or Season Ticket you must provide seven days’ notice in order to receive the day back in credit onto the pass.
  • All passes from the 10-day passes upwards can be used by siblings.
  • If you've purchased a full week at the weekly discountedprice, and wish to split up the days across different weeks, your booking will then be recalculated using the standard daily rate, which may result in an additional charge.


  • Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. They can be used to reduce fees on any of our ESG camps and courses. After 12 months a credit will be forfeited and may not be used for a future booking.
  • Credits may not be used to purchase or offset fees for individual tennis lessons.

Venue Cancellation

  • In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel specific dates, in this case, we will try to give those booked onto the camp at least seven days’ notice and will offer an alternative, or offer a full refund for the dates cancelled.

Adverse Weather Conditions

  • If we are unable to run a camp due to adverse weather conditions, we will offer a full refund or credit for another day.
  • We will notify you of any closures by email, text or notification on the Camp England website. 
  • If your child is unable to attend a camp during adverse weather conditions but the camp is open, no refund will be applicable.
  • Adverse weather conditions are determined by an Amber, or Red weather warning that is issued by the met office website: www.metoffice.gov.uk
  • If it rains, all our camps run as we provide a wet weather programme. We do not provide refunds due to days not attended because of rain.

Sun Protection 

  • It is your responsibility to make sure your child has appropriate clothing and sun protection.

Activities for Multi-Activity Sports Camps

  • Not every activity in our literature is available at every venue.
  • Please check venue-specific details for activities.
  • Activity programmes may change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Activity timetables are a guide and are subject to change. If you book individual days, we can't guarantee all activities will take place on those specific days.
  • Group age ranges are dependent on the number of children in attendance.

Extended Day and Late Pick-up

  • Our standard hours for multi-activity sports camps are 8.30am to 4.30pm. Whilst, specialist sports camps standard hours are from 10am to 4pm.
  • A Free extension from 4.30pm to 5pm is available but needs to be booked in at the time of booking.
  • All children must be picked up by 4.30pm if you have not purchased extended care
  • Multi-Activity Sports camps extended care hours are 8am to 8.30am, and 5pm to 6pm. Whilst, specialist sports camps extended care hours are 8am to 10am, and 4pm to 6pm. 
  • All children must be collected by 6pm.
  • If you are unable to collect by 6pm, please call our Camp Director as soon as possible.
  • You will be charged a late pick-up fee of £10 for every 15 minutes after 6pm for the staffing cost.
  • Extended care can be purchased up to three days in advance.
  • If you have not purchased extended care and arrive outside of the standard hours, you will be charged the extended care day rate.
  • You may cancel extended care up to 21 days before camp and receive a full refund, and amend extended care 21 days before camp for no extra charge.
  • You will not receive a refund if you cancel extended care within 21 days of camp starting.
  • You may switch extended care between days up until 7 days before attending camp.


  • All children in our care are covered by the England Sports Groups Public Liability Insurance.

Health Policy

  • Camp England requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their illness, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs.
  • Camp England can only administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor, and has documented evidence of this.

First Aid

  • In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to your child and you will be notified at collection. If emergency services are called you will be notified immediately.
  • Prescribed medication must be given to our Camp Director. Camp England's First Aid policies are in line with Ofsted recommendations.
  • If your child brings an Epipen to camp, we require you to demonstrate the use of the Epipen to our first aider. 

Notice of Absence

  • If your child does not attend a scheduled day on the camp, you must telephone the Camp Director or our office.

Lost Property

  • Camp England is not liable for any lost or damaged property on camp.
  • Lost property will remain on camp until the last day of the camp period and must be collected before this.
  • All unclaimed property will be given to charity.

Photography and Video 

  • We may on occasion take photographs and film activities at our camps for informational material. You will always be notified if this is due to take place, and asked to grant your permission.  Notice will be put up in the reception area of camp for you to view on arrival. Please advise the Camp Manager at registration, if you have any objections.

Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

  • No electronics will be allowed at camp. If found, the device will be taken in by the Camp Directors and kept secure.
  • If you need to contact your child, please call the Camp Director.  
  • Camp England does not take responsibility for the damage or loss of any electronic devices.

Specific Needs, or Medical Conditions

  • We don't exclude any child due to specific needs, or medical conditions wherever possible.
  • It is your responsibility to inform us of any educational needs, or medical conditions so we can consider the most effective way to accommodate your child, and if it is possible for participation safely within our coach to pupil ratios.  
  • A decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and is dependent upon the level of support your child needs.
  • We are not able to provide additional staff to support a child above our normal ratios. 
  • We can accept bookings for a child with specific needs on a paid trial basis, however, reserve the right to review further bookings.     

Child Protection

  • Our team have a duty to respond if we suspect any child in our care to be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse. In this event, the team will follow The England Sports Group Child Protection Policy and contact the local area Child Protection Committee. 

Disciplinary Procedures

  • Our experienced coaches understand when a child's behaviour requires firm guidance, however in some circumstances our disciplinary procedures will be brought into action to protect the safety and enjoyment of the other children on our camps.
  • In an instance of unacceptable disruptive behaviour, the child will be asked to sit out for a few minutes during which time the coach will address the behaviour and explain the consequences of repeated disruption.
  • If the child continues to behave in an unacceptable manner they will be asked to sit out for the rest of the session.
  • If the child persists with negative behaviour then they will be taken out of the group and spend the rest of the day with the camp director. Our camp director will talk to the parent/carer and discuss the options. If the child shows a willingness to change and improve their behaviour then they can return to the camp the next day.
  • As a final resort, we reserve the right to exclude a child if they continue their persistent unacceptable behaviour.


Swearing & Inappropriate Language Policy

  • In the first instance of swearing or inappropriate language the child will be given a warning and warned that if they repeat the language they will be asked to leave the camp.

 Data Protection 

  • Camp England acts as a Data Controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. We need to collect some personal details from you so we can process your booking, such as names, ages and any applicable medical or dietary restrictions and, in some cases, credit or debit card or other payment details.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to pass on the personal details of all the children for whom you are making a booking.
  • New GDPR law as of May 2018 states that no marketing may be sent to anyone without clear evidence of when and where a contact has opted in to agree to receive marketing from us.
  • We will only use your details for future marketing purposes if your have opted in to receive information from us.
  • Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want to receive future mailings from The England Sports Group.



“If children are not having fun when learning then something is wrong with the teaching.“ - Clinton Lamprecht

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